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Why We Love Thrive

Chad's Story

How Thrive provides an encouraging environment for him to grow on a professional and personal level.

I graduated college with a degree in business management, and managed a successful wireless retail location for about three years before joining Thrive. While I felt very blessed with that opportunity, I felt something was missing. My previous job required my constant attention, working weekends and weeknights, and took time away from my family. I wanted to find something that could continue to push me to be better every day, but reward myself with time to enjoy life with my family. I realized that while I was providing for my family- and while the company was very pleased with my performance- I needed a change in environment and culture. 

I heard about Taylor Richardson from a mutual connection, and after just one interaction with him, I realized that Taylor was someone I could see myself working for. I quickly saw that the opportunity with Taylor would turn into a career, not just a job, and that I could be planted somewhere where I could see the long-term future both for myself professionally and for my family.

Working at Thrive, there is a very intentional balance of work and family that Taylor implements from the get go. Our Thrive team is a family of individuals that genuinely want to see you succeed, and will do what is necessary to make that possible. It's not easy to find such a team that truly helps you in that way. I love how Thrive provides an encouraging environment for us to grow on a professional and personal level. 

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