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Are you buying too much Life Insurance?

Category: Insurance Coverage, Insurance Premiums, Life Insurance, insurance policy mistakes

There’s a certain amount of life insurance that you need. Then there’s a certain amount you can afford. Most insurance agents tell you to buy the amount you need. But we believe that’s too much pressure on you.


Your Passengers And Your Net Worth

Category: Auto Insurance, high net worth auto insurance

Earlier we talked about your kids driving around with your net worth. For better or worse, risks to your net worth aren't limited to your family. 


How to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rate

Category: Insurance Agent, Claims, Rideshare, Insurance Coverage, Auto Insurance

Of course, you want the lowest auto insurance premiums you can get. Who doesn’t? But the cheapest auto insurance rate, while good for your wallet, may not be the best when it comes to protecting you. Here are some reasons why the cheapest car insurance may not be the best:


Life Insurance: An Overview

Category: Life Insurance

People don't often call up a life insurance agent out of the blue to discuss policy options.

Typically, someone starts looking to purchase life insurance during some kind of life transition, and there's usually a bit of hesitation even then. Understandably, people want to have a conversation with someone they trust without being automatically sold something and shuffled out the door.


Changing The Perception Of Insurance

Category: Insurance, Best Insurance Companies

It's no secret that when people think of insurance, great customer service isn't the first thing that springs to mind. At Thrive Insurance, we often hear from people searching for new insurance. When they contact us, they are frequently surprised by the level of service they receive.


Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Working With An Independent Insurance Agent

Category: Insurance Agent, Insurance Coverage, Independent Insurance Agent

There are two types of agents that sell insurance policies: captive and independent. A surprising number of consumers aren’t familiar with these terms or what they mean.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Category: Claims, Disasters, Home, Damage, Homeowner's Insurance

As most Oklahoma homeowners know, tornadoes aren’t the only threat when it comes to living in our great state. In the wake of the September 3, 2016, 5.8-magnitude Pawnee quake, many Oklahomans learned the hard way that a standard homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover earthquake damage.


How To Find the Best Insurance Company For Your Needs?

Category: Insurance, Insurance Coverage, Best Insurance Companies

With every other ad on television or Facebook promising the lowest insurers premiums, it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to choose the best insurance company for your needs.


5 Things Oklahomans Need to Know About Home Insurance

Category: Homeowner's Insurance

Most mortgage brokers require you to hold homeowners insurance, and since your home is likely a substantial portion of your net worth, wouldn’t you protect your home with this essential insurance even if it weren’t required?


How Do I Use Insurance to Protect Assets Owned By A Trust

Category: Insurance Coverage, Property Management

Many financial advisors and estate attorneys today recommend trusts for clients who want to protect assets from costly probate court and the depletion that can result if you are subject to estate taxes.