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It’s always been about building something bigger than myself and creating it with great people. From the beginning, I wanted my employees to find fulfillment in their work so when they went home, it would pour into their personal lives and influence their family and friends.

What Makes the Difference?

THRIVE Team Amazing things started to happen when I began making hiring decisions based upon culture first, and everything else second. I found really talented people in uncommon industries that wanted to work hard, do a great job, be recognized for their efforts, and help as many people as they could along the way.  

Our previous name was just a name. I wanted a company that made people feel connected. This starts with purpose and vision, but truly evolves with culture. Our goal is not to do business with everyone, but rather to do business with the people who believe what we believe. It’s only fitting that the company name support what our culture believes. 

Together we Thrive.



Taylor Richardson
Founder & CEO

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Working With An Independent Insurance Agent

As a locally owned company, we understand the needs of folks in our community.  We know that people want the security good insurance provides, and they have an expectation of quality service.  We strive to provide both peace of mind and high quality customer service.

How We Are Different

Metro Top 50 enSYNC Team PicHave you ever called for an insurance quote, or to speak with your agent, only to never have your call returned? Have you waited on hold for what seemed like hours, just to ask a question about your coverage?

At Thrive Insurance, we think that level of service is unacceptable. So, we created a workplace culture that gives customer care the highest priority.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Same day service: We will return your phone call or respond to your email within 24 hours. 
  • Priority service for unexpected problems: If you’re at the tag agency and need an auto verification card, we can send it to your smart phone.
  • Requests for evidence of insurance: We send these back the same day.
  • Advocate for clients during claims process: We will communicate with all involved parties to insure your claim is processed efficiently, and you are kept informed.

What It Means to You

High octane customer service is at the core of our company’s values. We understand insurance service is so much more than an auto or homeowner’s policy.  It truly is about peace of mind.

We treat our customer’s the way we would want our family members treated. Sometimes that means walking with someone through the claims process. Or, sometimes it means sitting down and discussing options that would best protect personal property or a business.

Whatever your insurance needs, we would happy to discuss how our company can serve you. Please contact us today for a quote or to discuss policy options.

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