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Your Vacant Property Insurance Probably Has The Wrong Coverage

Category: Insurance Coverage, Vacant Property, Investment Property Insurance

It’s not widespread knowledge, but vacant property has different insurance requirements than owner or renter-occupied property. Unfortunately, rental property owners and house flippers usually find this out for the first time after having claims rejected by their insurance company.


The Differences Between Landlord Insurance And Homeowner's Insurance

Category: Landlord Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance, Investment Property Insurance

Did you know if you’re renting your home out, it might not be covered by homeowner's insurance?


Why You Need Property Management Insurance?

Category: Property Management, Investment Property Insurance

It’s not uncommon for someone who owns several rental properties to form a management company to oversee their properties. There are a few different benefits for tax purposes. However, a lot of them do not purchase insurance for those management companies.


Are You Managing Your Own Investment Property Insurance?

Category: Investment Property Policy, Investment Property Insurance

Even for investors who have been managing properties for several years, keeping track of all the paperwork and details related to insurance can be a bit overwhelming.


Do You Need Renter's Insurance?

Category: Renter's Insurance, Investment Property Insurance

Renter's insurance isn't always top-of-mind for everyone. Either they assume their landlord will take care of them if there's a loss, or they think the chance of a disaster happening to them is unlikely.