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Are you buying too much Life Insurance?

Category: Insurance Coverage, Insurance Premiums, Life Insurance, insurance policy mistakes

There’s a certain amount of life insurance that you need. Then there’s a certain amount you can afford. Most insurance agents tell you to buy the amount you need. But we believe that’s too much pressure on you.


How to Get the Best Auto Insurance Rate

Category: Insurance Agent, Claims, Rideshare, Insurance Coverage, Auto Insurance

Of course, you want the lowest auto insurance premiums you can get. Who doesn’t? But the cheapest auto insurance rate, while good for your wallet, may not be the best when it comes to protecting you. Here are some reasons why the cheapest car insurance may not be the best:


Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Working With An Independent Insurance Agent

Category: Insurance Agent, Insurance Coverage, Independent Insurance Agent

There are two types of agents that sell insurance policies: captive and independent. A surprising number of consumers aren’t familiar with these terms or what they mean.


How To Find the Best Insurance Company For Your Needs?

Category: Insurance, Insurance Coverage, Best Insurance Companies

With every other ad on television or Facebook promising the lowest insurers premiums, it can feel overwhelming when you’re trying to choose the best insurance company for your needs.


How Do I Use Insurance to Protect Assets Owned By A Trust

Category: Insurance Coverage, Property Management

Many financial advisors and estate attorneys today recommend trusts for clients who want to protect assets from costly probate court and the depletion that can result if you are subject to estate taxes.


What Causes Your Insurance Premium to Go Up?

Category: Insurance Coverage, Insurance Premiums

It can be so frustrating to open your insurance bill to pay your premium, only to learn that your premium payments have increased on renewal. Unfortunately, rising insurance premium costs are a reality that cannot be avoided in the world of personal and business insurance.


Your Vacant Property Insurance Probably Has The Wrong Coverage

Category: Insurance Coverage, Vacant Property, Investment Property Insurance

It’s not widespread knowledge, but vacant property has different insurance requirements than owner or renter-occupied property. Unfortunately, rental property owners and house flippers usually find this out for the first time after having claims rejected by their insurance company.


Driving For A Rideshare Company? Make Sure You're Covered.

Category: Rideshare, Insurance Coverage, rideshare insurance

Ridesharing is a common way to earn extra money in this economy. There are several different companies that do ridesharing, such as Uber or Lyft. The general idea of ridesharing is that someone needing a ride will be connected through a mobile app with someone who has been vetted by the rideshare company and is available to drive them for a fee.