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4 Ways To Lower Worker’s Comp Premiums In The Restaurant Industry

Category: Business Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance, workers comp premium

Protecting your restaurant against worker’s comp claims was a good investment. Not only does it give your employees assurance that they’re protected in case of an accident, but it also gives you peace of mind about the sustainability of your business should something unfortunate occur.


Restaurant Insurance Can Increase Profits

Category: Business Insurance, restaurant insurance

Ever heard how difficult it is to get into the restaurant business and keep your doors open? Rates are often inflated for shock value, but this frequently cited study by Ohio State University pegs the percentage of restaurants that fail within the first year at 26%, and at 60% within 3 years.


Avoid Simple, But Expensive Insurance Policy Mistakes

Category: Business Insurance, insurance policy mistakes

It’s a great time to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row for the year ahead. When it comes to insurance, there are a few things you might consider working on to make sure the new year goes smoothly for you and your business.


A Lawyer's Take On Business Insurance Needs

Category: Business Insurance

When the team at Thrive asked me to contribute a guest blog, it didn't take me very long to think of a couple of issues I often see when working with business owners.