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What To Do When Your Home Has Been Damaged by a Storm

Storm season is approaching in Oklahoma and it’s a good time to prepare for the bad weather that rolls through our state. Part of being prepared means thinking ahead and having an action plan in case something unfortunate does happen.


Category: Home, Damage

4 Ways To Lower Worker’s Comp Premiums In The Restaurant Industry

Protecting your restaurant against worker’s comp claims was a good investment. Not only does it give your employees assurance that they’re protected in case of an accident, but it also gives you peace of mind about the sustainability of your business should something unfortunate occur.


Category: Business Insurance, Workers Comp Insurance

Life Insurance: An Overview

People don't often call up a life insurance agent out of the blue to discuss policy options.

Typically, someone starts looking to purchase life insurance during some kind of life transition, and there's usually a bit of hesitation even then. Understandably, people want to have a conversation with someone they trust without being automatically sold something and shuffled out the door.


Category: Life Insurance

The Differences Between Landlord And Homeowner's Insurance

Did you know if you’re renting your home out, it might not be covered by homeowner's insurance?


Category: Landlord Insurance, Homeowner's Insurance

Is Your Property Management Company Insured?

It’s not uncommon for someone who owns several rental properties to form a management company to oversee their properties. There are a few different benefits for tax purposes. However, a lot of them do not purchase insurance for those management companies.


Category: Property Management

3 Things Restaurants Can Do To Increase Their Profits

Ever heard how difficult it is to get into the restaurant business and keep your doors open? Rates are often inflated for shock value, but this frequently cited study by Ohio State University pegs the percentage of restaurants that fail within the first year at 26%, and at 60% within 3 years.


Category: Business Insurance

Does Your Insurance Cover Holiday Party Disasters?

As the holidays approach, many of us are planning parties for our friends, family, and coworkers. With all the focus on logistics and party planning, it’s easy to overlook some of the details that may cause bigger problems later on.


Category: Insurance, Disasters

What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean?

Everyone has their customer service horror stories. We all know what it’s like to not have our expectations met by customer service professionals. A bad experience is never forgotten. But, good service isn’t rocket science. At the end of the day, it’s about doing what you say you’re going to do. There are a few things Thrive Insurance does to provide our customers with excellent service.


Category: Customer Service

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Insurance Reimbursements

When customers file a claim on their home after a storm or major event, the reimbursement process is often the most confusing thing they have to deal with. Different carriers have different rules, and there are even different rules between policies from the same carrier.


Category: Homeowner's Insurance

Essential Roof Information For Home Buyers

Did you know one of the most important things to consider when buying a home is the age and lifetime value of the roof? If you don't know, you could be in for a rude awakening if you need to replace it. And finding out can sometimes delay the buying process.


Category: Homeowner's Insurance