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Everyone has their customer service horror stories. We all know what it’s like to not have our expectations met by customer service professionals. A bad experience is never forgotten. But, good service isn’t rocket science. At the end of the day, it’s about doing what you say you’re going to do. There are a few things Thrive Insurance does to provide our customers with excellent service.

We Return Calls Within 24 Hours

It’s our goal to get back with our customers the same day. On my personal voicemail I say that “I’ll call you back today.” And, I do just that. This surprises most customers, but it’s a simple task that really sets us apart from our competition.

We Give Memorable Service

THRIVE customer service

We know how important it is to be there in our clients time of need. There are certain times in someone’s lives when they need their insurance agency to respond quickly.

For example

When a client is at the tag agency and they need a insurance ID card, we’ll send that to them immediately. They don’t want to be waiting around in the tag agency. We know they’re probably there on their lunch break or trying to head home to see their family. That request immediately moves to the top of our list when we get the call. It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, if someone is available, we’ll take care of the request right away.

Another same-day request we respond to is insurance verification for mortgages. We know mortgage brokers need to get through a long list of checkboxes before approving a loan. We don’t want to be the reason a client has to wait to move into their dream home, so we provide evidence of insurance the same day the request is made.

We Process Claims In A Timely Manner

There’s no excuse for not communicating a claim status to a client on a regular basis. Most people are used to submitting a claim, not hearing anything for months and they maybe a check will come in the mail. It’s unacceptable. The majority of claims delays are due to communication issues between the claims adjuster, client, insurance agency or anyone else involved in that process.

So our job is to make sure everything
is communicated to all parties involved.

THRIVE customer serviceWhile we can’t speed up the claims process, we can at least respond and communicate with our clients about the status of their claim. We make our claims calls every Friday until the claim is closed. Clients can always call anytime they want to check-in, but we’re committed to making those calls every Friday. We can’t control the process or the outcome, but we can eliminate the issue of slow communication. We’re the only company that I know of that follows up on a weekly basis.

It’s true that customers won’t always remember what you do, but they always remember what you didn’t do. It’s our goal to be there when our customers need us most, communicate clearly and to respond quickly. That’s what really sets us apartIf you’re interested in talking with us about your insurance needs, give us a call.

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