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Earlier we talked about your kids driving around with your net worth. For better or worse, risks to your net worth aren't limited to your family. 

What About Carpooling? 

If you're carpooling with a coworker on a regular basis or driving around your child's friends often, you need to factor that into how much auto liability coverage you have.

You may be tempted to say, "I know what my net worth is, but what are the chances that person will sue me for everything?"

Or if you’re in an accident, maybe you’ll think, "Oh, it’s only one person I ran into. Surely it won’t cost that much."

It still could! Let’s say you're driving your co-worker to work. Suddenly, you're involved in an accident that injures all involved.

Not only can the driver of the car that you hit sue you,
but your co-worker can sue you as well to cover their damages. 

Accidents Happen

No matter how good of a driver you might be, you don't choose when you get in an accident or who you're with when it happens. Make sure that you're adequately covered.

Many people don't think about this when they're deciding how much liability coverage to take on, and it's an oversight that could cause problems in the event of an accident.

If you're not sure whether or not you've got the right coverage, reach out to us to get help finding the right liability coverage.

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Your Driving Kids Are Risking Your Net Worth

You may have kids in school that just started driving, or have been driving a couple of years. Chances are good that they’re driving themselves and their friends around. They may be going to school, the library, a friend's house, or after-school activities.

Driving Your Net Worth

Did you know that when they’re driving your vehicle, they’re really driving around with your net worth? Essentially, it’s like they’re driving around with a bunch of cash in the trunk! At least, if they’re not properly insured.

When Driving Kids Enter Into the Equation

If your son or daughter is driving and has a serious accident, your child could be liable for any injuries. And if they have friends in their car as well, they could be liable for all injuries in both vehicles. 

Prepare For The Worst

In the event of an accident, everyone in both cars (or their parents) could sue you. It’s an extremely serious situation, and no one likes to think about. But it’s not outside the realm of possibilities, so you need to be prepared for it.

If you have a teenage driver in your family, get full coverage on any vehicle they may be driving with the lowest deductible that you can afford.

If you have any questions about coverage, please let us know and we can schedule an appointment with you.

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